Priority Areas of Engagement

These are the priority areas of engagement for COYDOE

Empowering adolescents and young people

COYDOE will facilitate processes towards enabling collective action by its member organizations to influence the level of representation and quality of participation of adolescent girls and young women in leadership. This strategic objective aims to ensure that society fully values and appreciates women and the role they play in the development of the country. COYDOE will facilitate activities towards the promotion of youth economic empowerment including increasing access to information and productive resources and ensuring young people’s effective participation in employment related policy frameworks. COYDOE will promote innovative strategies for youth employment programs from its members to be widely scaled up.

Adolescent and Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health

COYDOE will facilitate processes towards enabling member organizations to actively participate in national policy frameworks towards addressing adolescents and youth sexual reproductive health. COYDOE, through increased collaboration between SRH partners, will work towards increased capacity of its member organizations to enable young people, women and men to make safe and informed decisions on SRH issues.


COYDOE will work with its partners to ensure meaningful participation of youth in implementation of the climate resilient green economy plan of the government of Ethiopia. Through education, collaboration and resource sharing, youth organizations will be equipped with the necessary tools to raise awareness and mobilize their communities around environmental issues.

Adolescent and Youth Participation

COYDOE will facilitate the strengthening of the leadership capacity of member organizations and other key stakeholders and the building of institutional capacities to mainstream youth considerations. COYDOE will build capacities of key stakeholders from government, donors on how to meaningfully participate adolescents and youth in policy formulation, planning and programs implementation processes.